Simple Greywater System FAQ

The Simple Greywater System (aka Laundry to Landscape) is low cost, low maintenance, quick to install, and offers great flexibility. In most situations this is the greywater system for budget conscious homeowners.

Greywater from the laundry machine pump is diverted into the landscape and dispersed into underground outlet boxes at the base of large shrubs and trees. The plants must be located level with, or downhill from the laundry machine.

Approximately 6-8 large shrubs or trees can be watered with the Simple Greywater System. Because laundry water is dispersed into underground outlet boxes, the system cannot be used with spray lawn irrigation, and will provide too much water to smaller perennial and shrub plants. Please see our General Greywater FAQ for more information on types of plants.

On average a person produces 10 gallons per day from a high efficiency washing machine. A typical family of 4 will produce 14,600 gallons of laundry water per year that can be used to water plants.

No. The laundry machine pump is used to move the water into the landscape and other house fixtures cannot be added to this system. See our Integrated or Smart Greywater Systems for whole house options.

Very little! Once every couple of years you should check the outlet boxes with the laundry machine running to make sure water is coming out and the system is operating the same as when it was first installed. WaterSprout offers annual maintenance contracts to ensure system upkeep.

That depends upon what state you live in. Some states allow the Simple Greywater System to be installed without a permit (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas). Other states may require a permit