Smart Monitoring

How much water is your greywater/rainwater system saving? How much water is in your tank? The Smart Monitoring includes a water meter which records total greywater / rainwater usage and total backup domestic water usage from the time the system is installed. The usage can be read out on the LCD screen of our Water Systems Controller. Smart Monitoring is only available with our Smart Greywater or Rainwater Systems

Advanced Monitoring

The Advanced Monitoring builds upon the Smart Monitoring and adds a tank level sensor and an internet connected data logger. Tank level and water meter data is uploaded to an online dashboard where current and historical usage can be viewed. In addition, certain alarms can be programmed into the dashboard so that when the water usage is outside of the normal range (constant leak, pipe break, ect), email alarms are sent out to the relevant people.

Custom Dashboards & Touchscreen Controllers:

Custom controllers and dashboards allow real-time analysis of system performance, access to historical water-use data, and the ability to remotely control the water systems.