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Have you ever heard of an agrihood? An agrihood is an organized community that integrates agriculture into a residential neighborhood. In this type of neighborhood, agriculture isn’t just an amenity, it’s a way of life. The purpose of these communities is to facilitate food production while at the same time providing recreation for members of the community.

We are happy to announce the Agrihood project in Santa Clara is on the boards! The project boasts to be an opportunity to revive Santa Clara’s proud agricultural heritage while delivering critical below-market rate housing for seniors and other groups struggling to stay in Santa Clara. This project has spawned some wonderful collaborations and WaterSprout was chosen to design/build a rainwater catchment system that includes a 29K gallon rainwater cistern to supply the farm irrigation.

Projects like these are becoming more and more popular as the need grows to architecturally design and develop a more sustainable future. Thank you to Core Companies for bringing us onboard with this groundbreaking project!

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