WaterSprout is a design/build firm specializing in greywater, rainwater, and water-use monitoring. As a trusted leader in the field, WaterSprout continues to pioneer many of the first permitted alternative water systems in cities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our greywater and rainwater systems save water, meet LEED qualifications, meet the CA codes, and meet all local permitting requirements. Engineered for efficiency and longevity, our water reuse systems have been refined over many years of experience. We use only the highest quality materials. All of our work is covered by warranty.

With the State of California in a declared drought, our systems are a powerful answer to moving forward in a water wise world. As awareness of water issues heightens, we meet the need with innovative solutions.

By merging our values in sustainability with the best in systems design and technology, we continue to create work that we believe passionately in.

We are proud of our accomplishments, but even more excited for the future.

Who Is Watersprout

We envision a future where greywater and rainwater systems conserve substantial water for every home and building in our communities. All drinking water will be used and reused wisely with thoughtful purpose. WaterSprout will be an integral part of this water conservation movement through education, innovative design, and superior installation. Together with our well-informed clients and collaborators, we are pioneering a water smart future we can all feel good about.
WaterSprout guides each client through the entire process; starting with design and permitting, through installation; as well as, future maintenance of our greywater and rainwater systems. WaterSprout expertly provides:
• Consultation
• Site Water Assessment
• Design
• Permitting
• Installation
• Maintenance
• Contracting and Subcontracting
Education is an integral part of WaterSprout’s water conservation mission. WaterSprout guest lectured for several Greywater Action Installer programs. WaterSprout presented on advanced water reuse systems at the PG&E Water Showcase, CLCA Landscape Industry Show, the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD), to name a few. In addition to professional venues, WaterSprout engaged students at Merritt College, Foothill College, Park Day School, and others to empower young people with knowledge to use and re-use water wisely.
WaterSprout happily accepts resumes from intelligent, motivated, and experienced people. WaterSprout, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer in every sense.



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The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy has worked with WaterSprout for a number of years to increase sustainable use of water at this national park. They designed and installed rainwater systems on Alcatraz Island and at the Crissy Field Education Center, a LEED Platinum project. We continue to consult with WaterSprout on opportunities to use their systems at other park sites. It is a pleasure to work with the them and I’m happy to recommend the WaterSprout team!

– Diane Ochi, Senior Project Manager, Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy


WaterSprout has been has been a pioneer in water recycling system design and installation. They have brought innovative, quantitative design to our projects for over 15 years. Many of our clients are interested in smart water use and WaterSprout has been instrumental in providing the hands on knowledge and cost benefit analysis for us to be able to guide our clients to the best greywater and rainwater systems for their landscapes. And when projects are complete, their water-use monitoring systems have delighted the most tech-savvy of our clients who love to see how their use of water is being maximized both inside and outside the house. We consider WaterSprout to be a key member on our design teams!

-Kate Stickley, founding partner, Arterra Landscape Architects



Sustainability is a top priority for our clients new homes and WaterSprout’s greywater and rainwater systems are an essential part of achieving our water reduction goals. The quality and detail of their designs speak to their expertise as leaders in the field, and their design/build capabilities allow for seamless implementation of their water systems on our projects. I look forward to working with WaterSprout to create a future of water resilient buildings.

-Eric Haesloop, Partner, Turnbull Griffin Haesloop Architects


 Our relationship with WaterSprout spans many years and we have worked with them on numerous residential and commercial projects. I can honestly say they are top-notch and our “go to” for any new innovative water reuse system. We have worked side-by-side with them on various rainwater reuse and grey water systems, many of which were very complex. Their professionalism and design quality make for a smooth integration with our Civil plans.

-Jim Toby PE, Principal, Lea & Braze Civil Engineering Inc.


Troon PacificAs a developer of ultra-performance homes we are committed to creating sustainably resilient buildings for our homeowners. WaterSprout’s water recycling systems have been essential in achieving LEED status for many of our developments. They are experts in navigating San Francisco’s challenging permitting framework and a trusted partner in creating meaningful impact in our built environment.

-Gregory R. Malin, CEO, Troon Pacific


WaterSprout has been an excellent partner in integrating sustainable water systems into our clients new homes. Their expertise in design/building the systems is a great benefit and allows us focus on other aspects of the project. Their crews are knowledgeable, responsive to the schedule and perform high quality work. The low maintenance requirements of their systems along with their maintenance services ensures our clients are happy well into the future. We are always excited to having dependable contractors like WaterSprout on our projects.

-Pete Moffat, owner, Pete Moffat Construction


We have collaborated with WaterSprout on a number of residential and commercial projects which incorporated their greywater and rainwater systems. We really appreciate how their systems easily integrate with our typical irrigation standards and equipment so we are not required to alter our designs to “fit” their systems. They have always been very communicative and responsive during the design process and we look forward to our continued partnership with WaterSprout towards saving our precious water resources.

-Janet Luehrs, Brookwater Inc. Irrigation Consultants, Board Member ASIC National

Clients & Collaborators