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Commercial Greywater Systems

General: WaterSprout’s Commercial Greywater Systems include a Treatment Skid/Manifold and Tank Package. Treatment skids/manifold are fabricated & tested in our Oakland, CA shop and delivered to the jobsite as a turn-key system. Tanks are shipped direct from the manufacturer to the jobsite. Tank accessories (pumps, level controls, etc.) are shipped loose and assembled by system installer on project site per construction drawings. Greywater System Types: Showers and sinks have the highest quality of water. Laundry water can contain high salt levels due to specific detergents and can affect soil & plant heath when used for irrigation. In [...]

Residential Rainwater Systems

  Smart Rainwater System: It is a completely-automated package delivering filtered Rainwater to landscape drip irrigation with automatic city water (or well) water backup and a water-use monitoring package. The system is compatible with all brands of irrigation controllers and operates the same as a traditional irrigation system. Add an optional indoor component to supply rainwater to non-potable fixtures. Combined Rainwater System: The Combined System includes the addition of another alternative water source such as greywater or groundwater, for a complete two source alternative water system with domestic (or well) water backup. Water-use Monitoring: [...]

Monitoring & Control

Smart Monitoring How much water is your greywater/rainwater system saving? How much water is in your tank? The Smart Monitoring includes a water meter which records total greywater / rainwater usage and total backup domestic water usage from the time the system is installed. The usage can be read out on the LCD screen of our Water Systems Controller. Smart Monitoring is only available with our Smart Greywater or Rainwater Systems Advanced Monitoring The Advanced Monitoring builds upon the Smart Monitoring and adds a tank level sensor and an internet connected data logger. Tank level and water meter data [...]

Commercial Rainwater Systems

Irrigation Supply: These systems are engineered to the highest quality and performance standards, offering a complete, automated package delivering filtered rainwater to landscape drip irrigation with automatic city water (or well) water backup. The Commercial Rainwater System is compatible with all brands of irrigation controllers and operates the same as a traditional irrigation system. For many commercial projects, integrating a rainwater system provides compliance with mandatory state water restrictions. Indoor Supply: Annual indoor water savings average 15,000 gallons for a family of four. Multi-family and commercial buildings generate increased water and cost savings. Combined Irrigation & Indoor Supply: These [...]

Residential Greywater Systems

Simple Greywater System: Greywater from the laundry machine is directly applied to plants in the landscape without pumps and filtration, resulting in a low cost- low maintenance greywater solution. Basic Greywater System: Greywater from the house is is collected into a small tank. When full, the tank is pumped out to multiple zones of drip irrigation in the landscape. The system can irrigate smaller perennial plants as well as larger trees and shrubs. The Basic System is ideal for small to average-sized residential properties requiring 8 or fewer zones of irrigation. Smart Greywater System: Equipped with [...]