WaterSprout’s Commercial Greywater Systems include a Treatment Skid/Manifold and Tank Package. Treatment skids/manifold are fabricated & tested in our Oakland, CA shop and delivered to the jobsite as a turn-key system. Tanks are shipped direct from the manufacturer to the jobsite. Tank accessories (pumps, level controls, etc.) are shipped loose and assembled by system installer on project site per construction drawings.

Greywater System Types:

Showers and sinks have the highest quality of water. Laundry water can contain high salt levels due to specific detergents and can affect soil & plant heath when used for irrigation. In common laundry rooms, detergent use can be controlled to reduce salt levels. Salts are not of concern when greywater is supplied to toilets and other indoor non-potable uses.

Greywater System Sizing & Costs: