Exterior Fire Sprinkler System:

Exterior fire sprinklers help to prevent damage to your home from wildfires by:

  • Wetting combustible material on and around the house to prevent it from catching on fire
  • Pre-wetting the property prior to the advancement of a fire
  • Create a dome of high humidity and lowered temperatures around the house

Remote Activation:

Activate the system onsite or remotely using the mobile phone app or browser. No need to stay in the home to fight a fire.

Pre-programmed Threat Levels:

Activate the system with simple threat levels (4-day, 2-day, immediate) to begin soaking the property prior to an advancing fire or provide all-out defense due to an immediate fire.

 Smart Independent Operation:

If loss of internet connection occurs while the system is activated, the onsite control panel will automatically manage the application of water based upon the available water supply.

Simple Test Program:

Achieve peace of mind knowing your system is ready to go.  A tap of your smart phone will activate a test program so you can visually watch it work to verify the operation of the system.